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The Palo Alto Branch, chartered in 1952, is a chapter of the Music Teachers’ Association of California (MTAC). Founded in 1897, the MTAC was incorporated under the laws of the State of California to advocate the welfare of the music teacher and elevate the level of professionalism in music education.

Calendar of upcoming events:

January 2018

1/21 Sun. 2 pm Student Recital
Palo Alto Art Center

1/23 Tues. 10 am Board Meeting

1/28 Sun. 1 pm VOCE Competition

St. Mark's Episcopal Church of Palo Alto

February 2018

2/10 Sat. All Day CM Evaluation
2/11 Sun. All Day CM Evaluation 
Stanford University (Braun Center)


March 2018

3/10 Sat. 11:30 am Branch Honors Recitals
3/11 Sun. 1:30pm Branch Honors Recitals
St. Mark's Episcopal Church of Palo Alto

3/13 Tues. 9:45am Branch Meeting
 Home of Paul Fink

3/25 Sun. 2 pm Student Recital
Palo Alto Art Center

April 2018

4/10 Tues. 10 am Board Meeting
4/22 Sunday 1:30 pm Rabinowitch piano competition
St. Mark's Episcopal Church

May 2018

5/6 Sun. 2 pm Student Recital (Winners)
5/8 Tues. 10 am Branch Meeting
Home of Virginia Fruchterman


Branch Mission Statement

The Palo Alto Branch music teachers are dedicated to the promotion of music education and the pursuit of excellence in instruction as well as performance. Our Branch Code of Ethics requires our members to uphold the highest standards of integrity and maintain professional and ethical conduct. Our teachers strive to instill the love of music, to develop the students’ skills and help them realize their musical potential.

Branch Community Outreach Program: Music in the Schools

The Palo Alto Branch is annually recognized by the MTAC for distinguished community service and outstanding dedication to the Music in the Schools (MIS) program. The Music in the Schools foundation was created in 1995 by the Palo Alto Branch as an outreach program providing classroom music education in neighboring communities.

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